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Rethymno in Greece is the winner of the EU Urban Road Safety Award

The winners of the annual European Mobility Week Awards, the Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning Award and the EU Urban Road Safety Award were crowned earlier this week at a ceremony in Brussels.  The Urban Road Safety Award was won by Rethymno in Greece.  The jury commented that it was impressed by, “Rethymno’s inclusive approach to road safety, which targets three main pillars: upgrading the public transport system, increasing and encouraging behavioural change through a variety of activities, and the establishment of integrated cooperation with […]

ETSC Online Event – e-Scooter Safety: From research to action – 25 January 2022 – 10:00-12:30 CET

This online event explored current thinking and understanding of e-scooter safety. The agenda can be found here. The presentations and video of the event can be viewed by clicking the following YouTube links: 12:10 – Sarah Lynch – European Commission – DG Move – e-scooters and road safety 29:07 – Mehdi Hocine – European Commission – DG Grow – e-scooter technical regulation 44:22 – Margaret Winchcombe – PACTS – e-scooters in the UK 57:49 – Tanja Hohenstein – German Road Safety Council – e-scooters […]

Lithuania to introduce emergency corridor system and cycle-priority streets

The Lithuanian government has announced changes to road safety rules in the country that will be implemented in two phases next year. From 1 January, Lithuania will introduce the Emergency Corridor system for allowing easier access to emergency vehicles during heavy traffic.  The system, already implemented in Poland, Belgium, Germany and other EU countries can speed up emergency response and save lives. The system was a focus of ETSC’s REVIVE project on improving post-collision response and was presented at a number of the project’s […]

ETSC Online Event – Reducing Road Deaths among Young People- 28 October 14.30-16.30 CEST

This online event explored how to reduce road deaths among young people, in particular in light of the upcoming revision of the EU Driving Licence Directive. There was a welcome by Elena Kountoura MEP and Mr Tatsuya Namura of Toyota Motor Europe followed by presentations on: Young People’s risk behaviour: the science behind it – Dr. Divera Twisk, Queensland University of Technology Reducing road deaths among young people – findings of the PIN Flash Report – Jenny Carson, ETSC How is the EU addressing the […]

New tests show AEB systems need to work better in wet, fog and low light situations

A study of automated emergency braking systems (AEBS) on passenger cars by ETSC’s Austrian and Swiss members KFV and BFU, shows that significant improvements need to be made to performance in rain, fog, and poor light conditions. The organisations carried out more than 200 tests to better reflect the range of real world conditions such as rainy weather, fog and poor light conditions, and by varying the test dummies and speeds compared to tests carried out by Euro NCAP who award star ratings for […]

New publication sets out eight steps to improved road safety education

A new approach for the development of road safety education courses and materials has been set out in a report produced by experts in eleven European countries and published today by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), the Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge (VSV) and Fundación MAPFRE. The report is envisaged as a starting point for those who design, test, implement and evaluate educational activities on traffic safety and mobility, and are embarking upon the creation of new, or updating existing, activities. The new […]

23 June 2021 – The LEARN! Manual Webinar

Online Event Wednesday 23 June 2021 10.00 – 12.15 Central European Summer Time The LEARN! Manual is a handbook for developing and evaluating activities and programmes for traffic safety and mobility education. It sets out recommendations, criteria and guidance to develop and implement sound educational activities in an accessible way. This webinar presented the LEARN! Manual, and showed its different steps can be applied in practice through examples from across Europe. Click here to download the LEARN! Manual for free. Click here to download the agenda. PresentationsThe […]

16 June 2021 – The ETSC Road Safety Performance Index Conference 2021 – Online Event

The event was held on 16 June 2021.  The video recording is available above. Click here to download the agenda. ETSC PIN report 2021 Press release 15th PIN Annual Report, Ranking EU progress on road safety, Antonio Avenoso Road Safety Plan in Greece, Giannis Kefalogianis    

New drink-driving campaign in France as restaurants open up

The French government has recruited Michelin-starred celebrity chef and host of the French version of ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Philippe Etchebest to front a new drink-driving campaign as bar and restaurant terraces open again across France. The humorous social media campaign and television adverts feature Etchebest telling a diner off for heading to collect his motorcycle after drinking too much at a meal with friends. Find out more about the campaign at:

Lithuanian investigation reveals dangerous practices in long-haul road transport sector

A television documentary distributed online by a team of investigative journalists into appalling working practices in the largest Lithuanian international haulage companies has provoked widespread news coverage and urgent discussions in the Lithuanian parliament and government. Poor working conditions for lorry drivers have come under the spotlight repeatedly in recent years, with organisations including the European Transport Workers Federation calling for urgent action, legal reform and better enforcement of existing rules. The journalists investigated the main Lithuanian haulage companies, that are also among the […]

European Investment Bank to fund treatment of 7000 high risk sites in Greece

The European Investment Bank has agreed to co-finance a EUR 470 million nationwide programme to reduce death and injury caused by traffic collisions across Greece, the first investment of its kind by the EIB. The EUR 235 million financial support agreed between the European Investment Bank and the national road operator Egnatia Odos will reduce the risk of collisions in Greek cities, rural areas, mountain districts and on Greek islands. Over the next three years, national road operator Egnatia Odos will improve road safety […]

14 October 2020 – What it takes to deliver safer cycling and walking in European cities – online event

Online event Wednesday, 14 October, 10:00-12:00 CEST  – This online event focussed on the safety of cyclists and pedestrians and look at what is being done in both Brussels and Oslo to protect our most vulnerable road users. The agenda is available here. Presentations: How Safe is Walking and Cycling in the EU – Jenny Carson, ETSC The work of the European Commission in promoting safe walking and cycling in the EU – Matthew Baldwin, European Commission Oslo: On the way to Vision Zero – Ida Kongsrud […]

New app helps rescue workers extricate vehicle occupants

Euro NCAP, the consumer vehicle safety testing organisation, has launched a new app giving rescue workers easier access to “rescue sheets”, detailed information for different car models on how to safely extricate occupants.   After a collision, getting the injured to emergency care quickly and safely is critical.  But knowing where and how to cut vehicles open to safely extricate occupants is challenging for emergency rescue workers.  In recent years devices such as airbags and electrical vehicle batteries have added to the complexity, and the […]

23 June 2020 – The LEARN! Key Principles Webinar

Online event Tuesday 23 June 2020, 11:00-12:30 CEST The LEARN! Key Principles are 17 recommendations that should be implemented in all European countries, in order to ensure that everyone – and especially children and youngsters – receive high quality traffic safety and mobility education. This webinar presented these Key Principles, and showed how they can be applied in practice through examples from Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands and Norway. Click here to download the agenda and click here to watch the recording of the webinar. […]

17 June 2020 – The Road Safety Performance Index Award 2020 – Online Event

Online event  Wednesday, 17 June 2020, 11.00-12.00 Central European Summer Time In light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s annual ETSC Road Safety Performance Index Award event was moved online. Participants joined via teleconference for the presentation of this year’s PIN Annual Report looking at European progress in reducing road deaths and serious injuries in 2019. We were delighted to be joined by Mrs Adina-Ioana Vălean, European Commissioner for Transport as well as the Mr Taavi Aas, Estonian Minister for Economic Affairs and […]

Case Study – Alco Gates in Sweden

Sweden has long been a forerunner in the fight against drink driving. In 1999 the country was one of the first EU member states to introduce alcohol interlocks as part of rehabilitation programmes for drink drivers. In 2013, Sweden went a step further and ran a pilot project to introduce a fast-moving automated ‘Alco Gate’ at the Port of Gothenburg. This briefing explores the background to the project and its results, which could have positive future implications for drink driving policy in Sweden and […]

It’s time for a zero drink-driving limit across the EU

ETSC has launched a short video explaining why the EU needs a common drink-driving limit set at zero. Watch/share on YouTube and Twitter.

9 October 2019 – EU Road Safety Exchange – Launch Event

9 October 2019, 11:00-16:30 Thon EU Hotel, Rue de la Loi 75, 1040 Bruxelles Reducing the road safety performance gap between EU Member States and offering high levels of safety on all European roads is one of the most important objectives of the European Commission in the area of transport. The EU Road Safety Exchange project wants to help reduce this gap through the exchange of knowledge and experience on effective road safety measures. The project will develop partnerships between road safety professionals in […]

Ireland’s leadership on road safety is “a model for the European Union”

Ireland takes home 2019 ETSC Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) Award New European figures show numbers killed on EU roads last year fell by just 1% Call for new European Parliament and Commission to step up progress on road safety Ireland is the winner of this year’s European Transport Safety Council Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) award.  The annual award is presented to a European country that has demonstrated continued progress on road safety combined with a strategic approach to tackling the problem across […]

Experts underline importance of Seatbelt Reminder Systems in new video

A new film from ETSC calls on the European Commission to require the fitting of Seatbelt Reminder Systems in all passenger seats in new cars when it reviews vehicle safety regulations later this year. The short video highlights the critical importance of seatbelt wearing to prevent serious injury and death and cites research showing that up to a quarter of rear seat passengers are still failing to belt up. Seatbelt Reminder Systems are already required on drivers’ seats thanks to the last update to […]

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