23 June 2021 – The LEARN! Manual Webinar

  • June 23, 2021

Online Event
Wednesday 23 June 2021
10.00 – 12.15 Central European Summer Time

The LEARN! Manual is a handbook for developing and evaluating activities and programmes for traffic safety and mobility education. It sets out recommendations, criteria and guidance to develop and implement sound educational activities in an accessible way.

This webinar presented the LEARN! Manual, and showed its different steps can be applied in practice through examples from across Europe.

Click here to download the LEARN! Manual for free.

Click here to download the agenda.

The LEARN! Manual – Frank Mütze (ETSC)
Setting Objectives in line with a Strategy – Werner De Dobbeleer, Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge (VSV)
Achieving Change through the Be Seen Project – Alain Areal, Prevenção Rodoviária Portuguesa (PRP)
Pre-Testing Filla and Rilla – Satu Tuomikoski, Finnish Road Safety Council (Liikenneturva)
Implementing “SDG Planet” – an activity on Safe, Healthy and Sustainable Mobility Education – Susana de la Antonia Perez, Fundación MAPFRE
Evaluating the Road Safety LIVE Initiative – Lise Heiner Schmidt, Danish Road Safety Council (Rådet for Sikker Trafik)

ETSC is grateful for financial support for the LEARN! project from Fundación MAPFRE and the Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge (VSV).