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Online campaign warns of risks on rural roads

‘Brake before the bend’ is the slogan of a new UK public awareness campaign warning of the risks to be found on country roads. Launched by the UK government’s THINK! road safety campaign, the accompanying facts and figures show that 60% of UK road deaths occur on rural roads, 11 times more than the number of motorway deaths. Using computer generated imagery the short clip allows the viewer to see around corners and through buildings and trees.  The powerful film, which ends with a […]

Rider’s fatal crash shown in police safety video

Shocking footage of a fatal collision in Norfolk in the UK has been released by police in a bid to get motorcyclists and drivers to think seriously about road safety. The dramatic film, which has already been viewed 12 million times, was captured on a headcam fitted to the rider’s helmet and shows the moment a car crosses into the path of Norwich motorcyclist David Holmes who was killed on the A47 at Honingham in June last year. David’s story, a video featuring clips […]

Cinema audience woken up to dangers of texting and driving

Cinemagoers in Hong Kong were given a shocking reminder of how easy it is to get distracted at the wheel thanks to a clever viral awareness campaign that has been viewed more than 1 million times on YouTube.

New speeding campaign aims to shock

A television advertisement warning of the dangers of speeding has been banned from being shown before 9pm in Northern Ireland. The clip contains a sequence showing a class of school children preparing for a day out followed by a horrific crash where the entire group is flattened by an out-of-control car. The video is designed to draw attention to the fact that the number of children killed on roads in Northern Ireland is in fact equivalent to a whole class being killed.

Quadricycle safety ‘way below’ cars says EuroNCAP

Four car-like vehicles classed as ‘quadricycles’ have performed poorly in tests carried out by the vehicle safety organisation EuroNCAP with some showing serious risks of life threatening injuries. Quadricycles are a new class of sub-compact vehicle that has emerged in Europe in recent years. Although street-legal, quadricycles do not have to pass any of the rigorous crash tests to which cars are subjected. The tested models were the Club Car Villager 2+2 LSV, the Renault Twizy 80, the Tazzari ZERO and the Ligier IXO […]

Intelligent speed bumps installed on the Oresund bridge

New dynamic speed bumps have been installed on the Oresund bridge between Sweden and Denmark that only activate when a car has been detected as speeding. The measure is designed to reduce the numbers of motorists who speed through the toll booths – some 200,000 a year, or 4% of cars using the bridge.

What if you were invited to your own funeral?

ETSC member, the Belgian Road Safety Institute (BIVV-IBSR) has launched a moving online campaign against speeding which has been viewed over 2 million times on YouTube. The video features six regular speeders invited to their own ‘funeral’ by a close friend or relative. Watch the video to see what happened next. Read the press release.

Road safety ad goes viral

Two weeks after it was published on YouTube, a powerful and moving road safety film has been viewed more than six million times. The ad by the New Zealand Transport Agency has a grim message for drivers who love speeding: the road is not the right place to learn from mistakes.

ETSC’s Ellen Townsend on Euronews I Talk

Approximately 100 people have been killed today in the European Union, the same was true yesterday and it will probably be the same tomorrow – on our roads. What are we doing about it? Could we do more? ETSC’s Ellen Townsend featured in this edition of Euronews I Talk to discuss the issues.

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