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EU Road Safety Exchange

Twelve EU Member States are joining forces to share smart ideas for improving road safety, as part of a new EU-funded project. Although European roads are the safest in the world and although road safety has improved greatly in recent decades, the number of deaths and serious injuries on our roads is still far too high. In 2018, there were over 25,000 fatalities in road accidents. While this is a decrease of 21% compared to 2010, it represents only a 1% decrease compared to 2017.

There are important differences in the road safety performance of the different EU Member States. The three-year EU Road Safety Exchange project aims to tackle these disparities and will link up experts from Austria, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Sweden.

Transport experts from the twelve participating countries will work together to share best practice on reducing speed, building safe infrastructure and improve enforcement, data collection, as well as the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in urban areas.

EU Road Safety Exchange is funded by the European Parliament and led by the European Commission. The project is managed by ETSC on behalf of the European Commission.

Sweden study visit 2022

The Netherlands study visit 2022

Austria study visit 2022 II

Austria study visit 2022

Spain study visit II 2021

Spain study visit 2021

Cycling Infrastructure

The Netherlands study visit 2021

Portugal workshop – 15 July 2021

Romania workshop – 14 July 2021

Romania workshop – 15 June 2021

Lithuania workshop – 3 June 2021

Portugal workshop – 26 May 2021

Bulgaria workshop – 3 February 2021

Lithuania workshop – 9 February 2021

Bulgaria workshop – 9 December 2020

Greece workshop – 24 November 2020

Poland workshop – 29 October 2020

Ireland study visit 2020

Sweden study visit 2020

France study visit 2020

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