23 June 2017 – European approach towards better road safety: safe road users, safe vehicles and safe infrastructure, Ljubljana

  • June 24, 2017

Austria Trend Hotel, Dunajska cesta 154, 1000 Ljubljana, 23 June 2017, 10.00-17.00

Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency and European Transport Safety Council together had a pleasure to hold an experts’ conference – European approach towards better road safety: safe roads, safe vehicles and safe infrastructure.

The conference gathered ministers, decision makers, police, representative from national authorities, road safety experts, NGOs and other road safety stakeholders. Opportunities to improve road safety in Slovenia were discussed.

Click here to download the agenda.


Road Safety Performance Index – Slovenia within the EU – Antonio Avenoso, ETSC

Strategic approach towards a safe system

Vision zero and road safety management by objective – Matts-Ake_Belin, Swedish Transport Administration

What do you think of “Road Safety Management in Austria” – Klaus Machata, Austrian Road Safety Board

How can road users’ attitudes towards road safety be (re)shaped?

How traffic law enforcement can contribute to safer roads – Dovile Adminaite, ETSC

Surveys on Road Users Behaviour in Slovenia – Vesna Marinko, Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency

How can vehicles contribute to safety?

What is the potential of new vehicle standards to deliver on EU safety targets? – Oliver Carsten, University of Leeds

How can vehicles contribute to safety – Robert Jerončič, Ministry of Infrastructure

Technical trends of driver assistance and automated driving – Tjark Kreuzinger, Toyota Motor Europe

Safety Technologies in heavy duty vehicles – Karl Pihl, Volvo Group

How can road engineering solutions save lives?

Measuring Infrastructure Safety – Ferry Smith, EuroRAP

How can road engineering solutions save lives, Good practices of infrastructure safety on state roads – Pavle Hevka, Ministry of Infrastructure, Slovenian Roads Agency

Measures of Slovenian Motorway Company in a Road safety Integrated System – Ulrich Zorin, DARS

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