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What if you were invited to your own funeral?

ETSC member, the Belgian Road Safety Institute (BIVV-IBSR) has launched a moving online campaign against speeding which has been viewed over 2 million times on YouTube. The video features six regular speeders invited to their own ‘funeral’ by a close friend or relative. Watch the video to see what happened next. Read the press release.

British and Swiss public back 30km/h limits

British and Swiss public back 30km/h limits

Two new surveys carried out in Switzerland and the UK have found that an overwhelming majority support 30km/h (20 mph) limits. ETSC’s Swiss member BfU carried out a survey in March that found 65% of people believed that 30 km/h zones would cut the risk of accidents. BPA says that 38% of the Swiss population already live in 30km/h zones. The UK road safety charity Brake, together with Allianz, an insurer, published findings of a similar survey in April. It found that 78% of […]

Road safety ad goes viral

Two weeks after it was published on YouTube, a powerful and moving road safety film has been viewed more than six million times. The ad by the New Zealand Transport Agency has a grim message for drivers who love speeding: the road is not the right place to learn from mistakes.

EU urban mobility plan lacks teeth say road safety campaigners

EU urban mobility plan lacks teeth say road safety campaigners

ETSC says European Commission plans to improve urban mobility will need strengthening if they are to have a measurable impact on road safety. Commenting on yesterday’s launch of the ‘Urban Mobility Package’, Antonio Avenoso, Executive Director of ETSC said: With 11,000 deaths on the road in urban areas across the EU each year, it is right that the European Commission says improving road safety in our cities should be a political priority. We welcome the renewed push to share good practice and further encouragement […]

ETSC’s Ellen Townsend on Euronews I Talk

Approximately 100 people have been killed today in the European Union, the same was true yesterday and it will probably be the same tomorrow – on our roads. What are we doing about it? Could we do more? ETSC’s Ellen Townsend featured in this edition of Euronews I Talk to discuss the issues.

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