Lorries at a truck stop in the UK.

Regional court blocks Milan’s plan to require blind spot detection systems on lorries

  • November 30, 2023

The Lombardia Regional Administrative court has blocked the city of Milan’s requirement that lorries entering the city’s low emissions zone should be fitted with blind spot detection systems that help drivers avoid hitting pedestrians and cyclists.

The measure, announced in response to a number of serious collisions in the city involving heavy vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, which had been due to come into force in October, has now been suspended.  The court said that the city does not have the legal power to require road safety measures on vehicles; that power rests only with the national level. 

Local powers to install low emissions zones for environmental reasons, or to protect historic sites cannot be expanded to cover road safety measures, the court said.

The city is considering whether to appeal the decision to the Council of State and has said the Italian government should mandate the technology across the country.

In London, the transport authority TfL introduced a safety star rating scheme for lorries entering the city in 2021. The standards are being tightened from next year, when blind spot warning systems and other additional safety features will be required.