14 June 2016 – Safer Vehicles 2016, London

  • June 14, 2016

QEII Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, SW1P 3EE

From local to global, safer vehicles will play a major role in delivering road safety objectives. The London safer lorry scheme may be extended, the UK Government intends to promote uptake of safer cars, 2016 sees reviews of European vehicle safety regulations, and NCAP schemes across the world are gearing up to deliver the UN Sustainable Development road safety goals.

This major conference features national and international experts on vehicle safety representing key stakeholders. It highlights innovation and good practice in the design and operation of safer vehicles and identify opportunities to promote their development and uptake through public policy at UK, EC and international level. Safer Vehicles 2016 covers HGVs, buses, cars and motorcycles with an emphasis on reducing vulnerable road user casualties. It is being held by PACTS in partnership with Highways England, TfL, Thatcham Research, Global NCAP and RoadSafe.

The event is part of the iSafer campaign which aims to contribute to reducing speed-related road deaths and injuries through the identification and promotion of best practice. The campaign includes seminars aiming to raise awareness of the risks of speeding and exploring the best strategies for the introduction of Intelligent Speed Assistance systems. The project receives financial support from Fundación MAPFRE, the Flemish Government and 3M.

Presentations for download:

Chairman’s introductory statement, David Ward, Secretary General, Global NCAP

Opportunities to influence vehicle safety, Richard Cuerden, Technical Director for Vehicle Safety, TRL

EuroNCAP – the 2020 road map, Dr Michiel van Ratingen, Secretary General, EuroNCAP (presented by Aled Williams, Programme Manager, EuroNCAP)

London’s road safety priorities – the role of safer vehicles, Lilli Matson, Head of Strategy and Outcome Planning, Transport for London

Delivering the casualty reduction target on the Strategic Road Network – the role of safer vehicles, Dr Joanna White, ITS Group Leader, Highways England

How does Britain’s car fleet compare with the world’s safest? Caroline Wallbank, Senior Statistician, TRL

Fitting safety as standard, Antonio Avenoso, Executive Director, ETSC

Evaluating the impact of autonomous driving technologies on claims frequency, claims severity, and claims management, Matthew Avery, Director of Insurance Research, Thatcham Research

Safer motorcycling in Europe: PTW industry safety strategy, Dr Veneta Vassileva, Safety Co-ordinator, ACEM

Safety opportunities from autonomous vehicles, Iain Forbes, Director, Centre for Autonomous Vehicles (C-CAV)

Safer Vehicles 2016 – Conference Summary