Scene of a car crash, UK

Rise in UK deaths linked to decline in traffic police numbers

  • February 7, 2015

Cuts in traffic police numbers have been blamed for a rise in those killed and seriously injured on UK roads. Figures revealed in February show that overall deaths in the year to September 2014 rose by 1% with the total number for those killed or serious injured up by 4%.

The UK Police Federation told the Independent on Sunday newspaper that cuts in the number of specially trained traffic officers and the merger of traffic units has robbed senior officers of a “vital deterrent” in the battle against dangerous drivers and led to increased accidents.

ETSC’s UK member PACTS also pointed to the government’s failure to introduce new road safety targets.  David Davies, executive director, said: “there is clearly a link between visible police enforcement and reducing accidents. The Government has got to the end of the road on their action plan. They got rid of road safety targets despite 20 years of success and dramatic falls in road deaths from 2007 to 2008. We need a new plan.”