Call for lower drink driving limits in the UK

  • July 5, 2024

ETSC’s UK member PACTS has joined the British Medical Association (BMA) and a number of other organisations to call for a reduction in the legal blood alcohol limit for drivers across the UK. 

England and Wales have the highest drink-drive limits in Europe, with drivers allowed a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.8 g/l. The BMA is calling for this limit to be reduced to 0.5 g/l, and 0.2 g/l for novice and commercial drivers, across the UK.  The drink-driving limit in Scotland is currently 0.5 g/l for all drivers.  The BMA recommendations are in line with EU recommended limits.  

In a related development, the Spanish government has proposed to reduce the alcohol limit for novice and professional drivers from 0.3 g/l to 0.2 g/l.  

In Germany, a recent survey carried out for ETSC member TÜV-Verband found that 80% of respondents support a total ban on drink-driving.