Luxembourg toughens up penalty point system

  • May 12, 2015

Drivers caught speeding in Luxembourg will face tougher penalties from 1 June when a revised driving license points system comes into force.

Speeders will have four or six points deducted, up from two or four points today. For the first time, drivers caught using a phone or tablet while driving, tail gating or ignoring one way signs will also lose two points on their license. Drink and drug drivers will also see in an increase in the penalty from four to six points.

Political discussions on lower speed limits near schools and on some rural roads are ongoing.

See: Penalty point changes announcement (FR)

  • The French national road safety council has warned that company car drivers too often get a ‘free pass’ from penalty points because it’s easy to contest who was driving the car at the time it was photographed (usually from the rear) by a safety camera.