3 November 2014 – Fitting Safety as Standard

  • November 3, 2014

How the latest in-vehicle safety technologies can save lives, boost innovation and reduce government spending

Dinner debate in the Members’ Salon, European Parliament, Brussels – 3 November 2014 – 18:00

This invitation-only event was kindly hosted by Dieter-Lebrecht Koch MEP (EPP Group) and Olga Sehnalová (S&D Group).

500 people die on EU roads every week and road collisions remain the single biggest non-health-related cause of death in Europe. But many of these tragedies could be prevented through the standard-fitting of innovative safety technologies being designed and developed in Europe such as Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA).

ISA can advise drivers of speed limits using a GPS database combined with cameras that read road signs. These systems can also automatically ensure that drivers keep to speed limits and therefore avoid penalties. In professional vehicles the technology should replace top speed limiters that do not limit speeds in urban areas.

With the European Commission currently reviewing the Regulation on the General Safety of Motor Vehicles, this timely event explored how the EU can ensure maximum penetration of ISA and other technologies such as Automated Emergency Braking (AEB). The speakers also examined the key side-benefits such as lower emissions, better protection of cyclists and pedestrians and reduced government expenditure on the social costs of road injuries.Anchor

Agenda  and policy briefing.


1. Introduction – Antonio Avenoso -ETSC

2. ISA The Research Evidence – Oliver Carsten – ITS Leeds

3. ISA in Reality – Mikael Wik -Sepab

4. EuroNCAP and Speed Assistance Systems – Marie Brasseur – Euro NCAP

The iSafer project receives financial support from the Flemish Government, Fundación MAPFRE and 3M. Graphic credit: EuroNCAP.