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20 September 2019 – SMART policies for tackling drink driving, Lisbon

  • August 28, 2019

APS (Insurance companies Association), Rodrigo da Fonseca 41, 1250-096 Lisbon

20th of September, 9:00 – 13:00

In the framework of the SMART (Sober Mobility Across Road Transport) project, the Prevenção Rodoviária Portuguesa (PRP) and the European Transport Safety Council will organise an international conference on tackling drink-driving on the 20th of September in Lisbon.

Representatives from the Ministry of Interior, Justice and Health are invited, as well as local stakeholders to animate the debate. International experts from France and Sweden will discuss drink driving issues as well as raising awareness on the most effective measures to reduce the number of alcohol-related road deaths. Finally, the Portuguese Association of Brewers will also join the debate to share the role of the industry in tackling drink driving.

The agenda of the conference can be found here.


Antonio Avenoso, ETSC

Lars-Olov Sjostromm, MHF Sweden

Charles Mercier Guyon, ETSC Expert

Alain Areal, PRP


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