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The European Union’s Role in Promoting the Safety of Cycling

  • July 6, 2016

This paper builds on recent calls for the European Commission to come forward with a cycling strategy for the European Union.

ETSC also supports the need for co-ordinated European action on cycling and would welcome a pan-European strategy. This paper is designed to serve as inspiration for the safety component of such a strategy.

Cyclists represent 8% of all road deaths in the European Union but big disparities exist between countries. Cyclists (like pedestrians) are generally unprotected and are vulnerable in traffic. As active travel is being encouraged for health, environmental, congestion and other reasons, the safety of walking and cycling in particular must be addressed urgently.

This paper will look at initiatives within these different areas of action of relevance to cyclist safety. It cannot be fully comprehensive but aims to raise the main priorities for action at EU level.

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