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Support for unlimited motorway speeds in Germany is reducing

  • February 20, 2020

Germany’s largest automobile association ADAC is “no longer fundamentally opposed” to motorway speed limits, and the second largest, ACE, actively supports a maximum speed of 130 km/h.

The debate over ending unlimited speed on Germany motorways has been on the agenda again for a year, after a government commission on the environment recommended introducing a 130 km/h limit.  So far the government has ruled out the change.

But momentum in favour of a limit appears to be growing with the largest automobile club shifting to a neutral stance after years of opposition, and other voices for change joining in the discussion.

The managing director of Volvo Cars in Germany said in December that a speed limit in Germany is “long overdue”.

An amendment to Germany’s road traffic law to impose a 130 km/h motorway speed limit was rejected in a vote in Berlin earlier this month.  But the public debate continues.

Photograph by Dirk Vorderstraße – Creative Commons license,_Kamener_Kreuz,_Rush_Hour_(11783262743).jpg