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Road victims’ associations urge changes to Italy’s new road traffic law

  • March 25, 2024

Italy’s new road traffic law is headed to the Senate this month but campaigners across the country have strongly criticised the changes, which include restrictions on local authorities from setting up new 30 km/h speed limits, cycle lanes and speed cameras.

ETSC’s Executive Director Antonio Avenoso said:

“This law, if passed in its current form, could set Italy back for years.  The country’s congested cities need to encourage more cycling and walking, both through safer speed limits and more dedicated infrastructure.  It makes absolutely no sense for the central government to prevent local authorities from taking the measures that are needed to improve safety.  

“While there are positive changes in this new legislation, such as the possibility of alcohol interlocks for repeat offenders, these will not be enough to offset the damage done by other retrograde measures and these unnecessary restrictions on local authorities.”

In recent years, positive steps on road safety have tended to come from local authorities in Italy.  Last year Bologna set a city-wide 30 km/h speed limit, the first major Italian city to do so.  Milan plans a similar change.  But such moves will be made much more difficult, if not impossible, if the new law is passed.