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Norway sets formal target of zero road deaths by 2050

  • September 3, 2022

Norway, the country with Europe’s safest roads, has set out its plans for cutting road deaths in half by 2030, at the same time as setting a formal target of zero deaths by 2050 for the first time.  This goes a step beyond its existing ‘Vision Zero’ strategic approach, first adopted in 2001.

The Norwegian government’s latest four-year road safety strategy, covering the period 2022-2025 includes 179 specific measures, each assigned to a specific body or organisation, and categorised according to priority areas such as speed, and drink-driving.

According to Norwegian crash analysis, the strategy document says speed was a contributing factor in 34% of all fatal crashes between 2011 and 2020.  Follow-up measures include using regional speed data to target enforcement activities, and a systematic survey of the national road network to find routes where the road design encourages an unsafe speed.

On drink-driving, Norway is going to look at extending the requirement for buses to be fitted with alcohol interlock devices, to taxis – among other measures.

Other focus areas include children and young drivers as well as distraction while driving.

The road safety strategy 2022-25 can be downloaded in English from:—short-version-in-english.pdf

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