New Spanish safety cameras to detect seat belt use

  • April 4, 2017

Spain has installed 225 new safety cameras this month that can detect whether or not drivers are wearing a seat belt.

The cameras are being installed at high-risk sites and areas with high traffic concentration.

For the first two months after the launch, drivers pictured without a seat belt will be sent a warning letter. After that, fines of EUR 200 will be issued along with the loss of three driving license points.

According to official figures for 2015, 22% of deaths on inter-urban roads were drivers who failed to wear a seat belt.

ETSC estimates that 900 deaths a year could be prevented if 99% of car occupants belted up and is calling on the European Commission to require advanced seat belt reminder systems to be fitted in all seats on new cars.

The new Subaru Impreza, recently tested by Japan NCAP is thought to be the first passenger car to be put on the market with occupant-detecting advanced seat belt reminders in all passenger seats.