New polling shows that Parisians support higher parking charges for large SUVs

  • January 18, 2024

A new poll by the organisation Clean Cities shows that 61% of Parisians support the idea of introducing parking charges based on the weight of vehicles.

The poll was published ahead of a public referendum on higher parking charges for SUVs.  Parisians will vote on the measure on 4 February. 

The poll found that a majority of Parisians (56%) have a bad opinion of SUVs. The principal reason given for this view is the fact that they take up too much space.  Parisians are less aware of the increased road danger posed by SUVs, only 4 out of 10 people thought that SUVs were involved in more serious collisions in cities (44%) or more frequent collisions (38%).  

61% support a specific parking price for heavy, large or more polluting vehicles.

68% of those people support revising the Crit’Air labelling system (used to regulate low-emission zones) to include the weight of both new and second-hand cars.

67% support measures to force car manufacturers to increase the proportion of smaller cars they produce.