Digital mapmaker launches Intelligent Speed Assistance map tool

  • October 22, 2021

HERE Technologies, a digital mapping provider, has launched an “ISA Map” specifically designed to help vehicle manufacturers deliver accurate Intelligent Speed Assistance systems, required on new models sold in the EU from next year.

ISA can use traffic sign recognition and / or digital speed limit maps linked to a vehicle’s GPS location to help the driver stick to the local speed limit.  HERE says for an optimal experience a detailed map with correct speed limit information is crucial and says its ISA map product provides speed limit information at any time, irrespective of environmental conditions, and helps the vehicle know the correct speed limit in situations where a camera alone could fail such as when:

  • Speed limits are not sign-posted, including default country-level speed limits for motorways, urban roads and metropolitan areas, as well as border speed limit rule changes based on country level requirements;
  • Conditional speed limits are based on the time of day or weather conditions;
  • Speed limits are concealed due to foliage growth, lack of infrastructure maintenance or other reasons;
  • Speed limits are implicitly indicated by signs that do not show a numerical speed limit value such as panels showing the start of a motorway or urban area.

HERE says that “multiple global automakers” have already chosen the HERE ISA Map in light of the forthcoming ISA regulations.