Seat belt reminder in a car

13 October 2015 – Fitting Safety as Standard

  • October 13, 2015

Seatbelt reminders and EU vehicle safety legislation

08:00 – 09:00, Breakfast debate, Members’ Salon, European Parliament, Brussels

This event was kindly hosted by Dieter-Lebrecht Koch MEP.

500 people die on EU roads every week and road collisions remain the single biggest non-health-related cause of death in Europe. But many of these tragedies could be prevented through the standard-fitting of innovative safety technologies being designed and developed in Europe such as audio-visual Seat Belt Reminder systems.

Already required for driver seats on new cars, simply adding the devices to all passenger seats could help save up to 900 lives a year in Europe.

With the European Commission currently reviewing the Regulation on the General Safety of Motor Vehicles, this timely breakfast debate explored how the EU can ensure maximum penetration of seat belt reminders and other technologies. The event was the second in a series on vehicle safety legislation and follows an event last November on Intelligent Speed Assistance.

Click here to download the agenda.


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