The Business Case for Managing Road Risk at Work

  • June 22, 2014

This report gives an overview of the business case for employers to invest in a Work-Related Road Risk Management (WRRRM) programme. It finds that the financial and other benefits of such
a programme could outweigh the costs of implementation. The other benefits such as increasing efficiency in organisational management and administration are also detailed.

The report shows that, by investing in work-related road safety (WRRS), employers can also gain a competitive advantage as well as fulfilling their legal compliance obligations. The report covers a list of possible costs and the importance of introducing measures to reduce them.

It looks at sources of funding including risk financing in co-operation with insurers. It also cites some examples where financial advantages can be gained by implementing measures such as journey management and vehicle maintenance.

Being involved in a fatal or serious collision can have a significant impact on your organisation.

Monitoring and evaluation are important both for providing feedback internally and externally and for the continual update and evolution of the WRRRM programme and business case. Links between work-related road safety and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are also explored.

The benefits of exchanging good practice within the context of European and national WRRS forums are outlined with ideas of where to gain information and support.

Finally a checklist reflecting the recommendations in the different sections of the report is included, to aid step-by-step implementation by employers.

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