Memorandum to the Danish Presidency of the EU

  • January 1, 2012

This Memorandum briefly outlines ETSC’s priorities for the Danish Presidency of the EU and presents our recommendations on key EU policy dossiers. ETSC hopes that road safety will be one of the priorities under land transport during the Danish Presidency of the EU, and that Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt and Ministers of Transport and Justice Henrik Dam Kristensen and Morten Bødskov will take personal interest and show their leadership in delivering road safety in Denmark and in the EU. Key issues, carried over from the Polish Presidency, are the TEN-T and the tachograph legislation. During the Danish Presidency a number of issues presented by the European Commission in the “Road Safety Policy Orientations 2011-2020” and the Transport White Paper should also feature as specific road safety priorities. These include progress on tackling serious injuries on our roads and alcohol interlocks.

At a national level in Denmark it is fundamental to step up action to implement the use of stationary speed control and introduce safety cameras. This would assure that Denmark joins other front runners in Europe on adopting such a strong road safety measure.