A separated cycle lane in Vilnius, Lithuania

Lithuania sets out 44 measures to reduce road deaths in national plan

  • April 23, 2024

11 Lithuanian institutions have signed an agreement on the implementation of a national “Vision Zero” road safety programme, which commits to significantly reducing the number of deaths on Lithuanian roads by 2030.

Four government ministries and seven national institutions, including the police, the transport safety administration and the association of municipalities, have joined the programme, which will be coordinated by the Ministry of Transport. 

“From 2020 until 2023 the number of deaths in Lithuania decreased by almost 11 per cent, but unfortunately, there are still too many deaths on our roads. That’s why we gathered for joint work and renewed our commitment to implement comprehensive measures to improve traffic safety, create safer roads, implement advanced traffic management measures and promote awareness on the road and a safer driving culture”, commented the Minister of Transport Marius Skuodis.

The representatives of the institutions that signed the memorandum undertook to halve the number of deaths on the country’s roads by 2030 compared to 2020.

The plan provides for 44 measures distributed depending on the competence of each institution. Among them is the improvement of road infrastructure by fixing high-risk sites, installing and expanding various traffic safety measures, improving information technologies and expanding the network of pedestrian and bicycle paths.  Many of the issues to be addressed have been covered as part of Lithuania’s participation in the EU-funded Road Safety Exchange project over the last five years.