Insurer: Lockdown accelerates UK young driver speeding by 15%

  • May 12, 2020

Co-op Insurance says speeding alerts issued to its UK young driver policyholders have increased by a sixth (15%) in recent weeks.

Co-op’s telematics data which monitor drivers’ behaviours such as how fast they take corners, how they brake and whether they are observing the speed limit, show some are driving faster than they legally should be.  The UK has been a leader in car insurance policies linked to telematic devices fitted in the policy holder’s vehicle. 

As a means of helping to keep young drivers and their communities safe, Co-op in partnership with Brake, a road safety charity, is now contacting over 20,000 young driver policyholders to warn them of the dangers of speeding and urge them to always drive below designated speed limits.

Young drivers have a casualty rate three times higher than all other drivers in England. The Co-op therefore hopes the warning will make a difference in encouraging those who are exceeding speed limits, to take responsibility in improving their driving, ultimately making roads safer.

Joshua Harris, Director of Campaigns at Brake said: 

“Lockdown has made roads much quieter, but this does not mean speeding is acceptable – far from it. With families using roads for daily exercise, and some stepping off pavements to adhere to social distancing, drivers need to be extra-vigilant and make sure they slow down near cyclists and in places where people live.”