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France considers lower BAC limits for novice drivers

  • September 9, 2014

A new report for the French interior ministry recommends lowering the drink-driving limit in France to 0.2g/l for those who have held a driving license for less than two years. The 319-page report, seen by Le Parisien newspaper says: “Given the inexperience of new drivers, their accident rates and the impact on response times of even a slight amount of alcohol, a reduction of the alcohol limit for novice drivers makes sense.”

France remains one of only a handful of EU countries not to have moved to a 0.2 or ‘zero tolerance’ alcohol limit. The European Commission has recommended lower limits since 2001.  Zero and low BAC levels have consistently been shown in studies to reduce alcohol related traffic deaths among young people.

See article (in French) and ETSC report on drink driving and young people

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