Heavy Goods Vehicle

EU Social Rules and Heavy Goods Vehicle Drivers

  • October 20, 2011
[stylebox type=”info”]PRAISE Thematic Report 7[/stylebox]

This report aims to offer employers insight into tackling fatigue amongst HGV drivers. Fatigue is one of main risks for this group of professional drivers. Part one looks at the involvement in HGVs in collisions and collision causation factors including fatigue.

The second part of the Thematic Report gives an overview of EU legislation on driving and resting times. Although this legislation aims at improving the working conditions of drivers and ensuring fair competition in the EU, this report will focus in on its road safety aim primarily addressing fatigue. The third part focuses on issues related to implementing the legislation at national level and offers recommendations to Member States, the EU and employers. The final part looks specifically at what employers can do to tackle fatigue. An employer’s ‘safety culture’ which integrates fatigue policy across its supply chain can support compliance with existing EU legislation.