Estonia promotes alcohol interlocks in public tenders

  • November 1, 2014

The Estonian Road Administration has begun promoting the use of alcohol interlocks in public buses through the tendering process. In 2014, four tendering processes including the new criteria were carried out where additional points were awarded to bids that proposed bus services with vehicles fitted with standardised alcohol interlocks.

As a result, 140 buses which are used for public passenger services are being equipped with alcohol interlocks as of next year.  Although alcohol interlocks for buses remain voluntary, the outcome of the latest tendering procedures was that all carriers taking part were willing to implement alcohol interlocks on their buses and regularly give statistics on cases where intoxication is detected.

A study published this year for the European Parliament recommended legislation to mandate alcohol interlocks for recidivist drink drivers should be proposed within the next five years. Another report for the European Commission said the benefit-cost ratio for fitting commercial vehicles with the devices could be positive.