Drug-driving rules come into effect in England and Wales as Denmark extends rehabilitation programme

  • April 15, 2015

New rules aimed at stopping people driving while on drugs came into force in England and Wales last month. Police will be able to use “drugalyser” devices at the roadside with drivers facing prosecution if they exceed limits set for the presence of eight illegal drugs, including cannabis and cocaine, and eight prescription drugs.

The new rules supplement an existing law, under which it is illegal to drive when impaired by any drug. Drug drivers face a fine of up to £5,000, up to six months in prison and a minimum one-year driving ban.

  • 1200 convicted drug drivers in Denmark have begun taking rehabilitation courses as part of the requirements they need to fulfil to get back their driving licenses. The EUR 430 course of four three-hour lessons spread over four weeks has to be completed at the driver’s expense. The extension of the existing drunk driver rehabilitation programme to drug drivers was agreed by the Danish parliament last year.  See article (in Danish)