Lorries at a truck stop in the UK.

COVID-19: Concerns over suspension of EU road safety laws amid lock-down

  • April 2, 2020

Several EU Member States have formally notified the European Commission of temporary suspensions to the application of a number of EU road safety laws.

Several countries are allowing longer driving times for lorry drivers, to enable deliveries of essential products such as medical equipment.

With driver and vehicle testing centres forced to shut their doors, many countries have also extended the validity of driving licenses, certificates of professional competence and vehicle technical inspection certificates.

While ETSC recognises the unique circumstances of the current lockdowns, there are concerns that some measures could cause additional pressure on hospitals.  Fatigue, in particular, is a concern in the transport sector and collisions involving Heavy Goods Vehicles can be catastrophic.  Any suspensions must be proportionate, time-limited and subject to regular review, according to ETSC.