Belgium crowd-sources speed hotspots

Belgium crowd-sources speed hotspots

ETSC’s member the Belgian Road Safety Institute (BIVV-IBSR), has used a crowd-sourcing technique to aid the police in planning Belgium’s first speed enforcement ‘marathon’.

Internet users were invited to send in speeding hotspots using a website with a map tool. 50,000 locations were suggested via the ‘I flash too’ website, a reference to the familiar sight of speed camera flashes. The crowd-sourcing element was added to the national enforcement marathon concept begun in Germany last year when 15,000 police officers checked 3 million cars, and found 83,000 to be exceeding the speed limit.

In a related online campaign, BIVV-IBSR launched a viral video where members of the public invited speeding motorists to their own fake ‘funeral’.

See report (in French) and TISPOL report on German speed enforcement marathon

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