Alcohol Interlocks in Europe: An Overview of Current and Forthcoming Programmes

  • December 4, 2020

Alcohol interlock programmes give offenders who would normally lose their driving licence a possibility to continue driving, as long as they are sober.

ETSC has long been in favour of alcohol interlocks, in particular as part of rehabilitation programmes. Studies have repeatedly shown that the combination of alcohol interlocks and rehabilitation programmes cut reoffending rates.

13 experts agreed to help ETSC drawing up an inventory of alcohol interlock programmes in Europe. This new report aims at providing a more practical approach showing how each country has implemented their national scheme or intend to implement it in the future. It also identifies strengths and weaknesses to advocate for more effective measures and to inspire other Member States to deliver successful programmes. All the information collated
in this publication has been provided by the panel of contributing experts.



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