22 European countries join forces for speed enforcement marathon

  • April 27, 2015

Provisional results from the first pan European 24-hour speed enforcement marathon have been released by TISPOL, the European Traffic Police Network.

18 out of 22 countries have now provided data. So far, a total of 122,581 speeding offences were detected over the 24 hour period covered.  Of these, 116,479 offences were detected by police officers, with 6,102 detections using automatic devices.

A total of 4,352,234 vehicles were checked during the exercise.

The countries who have provided data so far are: Cyprus (350 offences); Germany (91,262); Estonia (396); Finland (4,387); Hungary (4,928); Croatia (2,185); Ireland (857) Italy (5,561); Luxembourg (344); Lithuania (1,978); Latvia (807); Malta (7); Norway (918); Netherlands (2,366); Portugal (1,349); Slovakia (2,145); Slovenia (1,225) and Serbia (2,370).

TISPOL President Aidan Reid commented: “The sole purpose of our actions is to save lives on Europe’s roads. We want drivers to think about the speeds they choose; speeds which are both legal and appropriate for the conditions. We want to get into the heads of drivers, not their purses.

“It is disappointing that so many drivers failed to heed the warnings. But it is vital that we take action against those who fail to comply with speed limits.  Illegal and/or inappropriate speed is the single biggest factor in fatal road collisions.”