Scotland to introduce road-side saliva tests for drug driving

  • July 6, 2017

Drug-driving limits and roadside testing will be introduced in Scotland, the Scottish Government has announced.

It is illegal to drive in Scotland while impaired by drugs and this offence will continue to operate, but the Scottish Government plans to introduce new drug-driving limits that will allow prosecutions where different drug types above specified levels are detected. This should mean it is easier to hold drug-drivers to account as there will be no requirement to prove that someone was driving in an impaired manner.

England and Wales introduced similar legislation two years ago.

Ireland has also introduced road-side saliva testing for drug driving this year. A recent survey by an Irish motoring organisation found that 80% of drivers supported the measures.

In Belgium’s southern region of Wallonia, the road safety agency AWSR, an ETSC member, has launched a new campaign warning motorists of the dangers that some prescription medications can cause.