Safer Commuting to Work

  • November 3, 2010
[stylebox type=”info”]PRAISE Thematic Report 4[/stylebox]

This report aims to present how measures taken by employers to mitigate the commuting risk of their employees can improve road safety. It gives an overview of the scale of commuting related road deaths within the EU and the legal responsibility to make commuting safer in different countries. It then introduces travel plans which include parts on commuting and presents tips on how to set these up. It then examines each different mode, the associated risk and measures that can be undertaken mostly by employers themselves as well as local and central government. It also covers other related issues that affect commuting and road safety such as land use planning and site location and flexible hours and shift work. There is finally a section giving an overview of what can be done by national governments and the EU to promote employers’ taking initiatives to improve safety of their commuting employees.

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