Road Safety Enforcement in the EU Vision 2020

Road Safety Enforcement in the EU Vision 2020

This paper shortly outlines what action the EU and the Member States need to take to achieve a high level of enforcement of traffic law to save lives across the EU by 2020.

The European Commission adopted a new target to halve road deaths by 2020 and, in its Transport White Paper in 2011, a ‘Vision Zero’ for 2050. In order to achieve the 2020 target the EU will have to go above and beyond current reduction trends. Enforcement is a means to prevent collisions from happening by way of persuading drivers to comply with the safety rules. Deterrence is based on giving drivers the feeling that they run too high a risk of being caught when breaking the rules.

This paper, originally published in 2013, was updated in March 2015 to reflect the coming-into-force of the revised EU rules on cross-border enforcement of traffic offences.

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