Malta to ban rented e-scooters from March

  • October 30, 2023

Malta is set to become the first EU country to ban all rental e-scooters, from March 2024, citing the persistent inconvenience caused to pedestrians.

Transport Minister Aaron Farrugia emphasised that the decision stemmed from what he described as “intolerable abuse” related to e-scooter violations. “E-scooter violations are so prevalent that even a sudden doubling of enforcement officers would not have resolved the issue,” Farrugia said during a press conference.

However, private e-scooters will still be permitted. The city of Paris has also banned shared e-scooters, but Malta is the first national government to issue a blanket ban.

The move comes following numerous complaints from pedestrians, especially in coastal towns about e-scooters being irresponsibly parked, obstructing walkways, garages, and homes.

Earlier this year, the government had considered establishing designated parking areas for the 5,000 scooters on the island before deciding to impose a complete ban.

ETSC does not support bans on e-scooters.  The light-weight vehicles do not present a high risk to other road users, and may replace some car travel.

However the vehicles do seem to present a greater risk to riders than bicycles due to stability issues and higher average speed.  ETSC recommends a minimum age of 16, mandatory helmets, and a ban on pavement riding, riding with a passenger or after drinking alcohol.