Drink-Driving in Hungary


In 2020, Hungary registered 65 road deaths due to alcohol while 2021 saw a decrease to 51 alcohol-related road deaths.

National policies

2008 The Blood alcohol limit is set at 0.0g/l

2013 drink-driving considered a criminal offence if the driver is caught with a blood alcohol concentration above 0.5g/l

BAC limits and sanctions

0.0 for all drivers 

Detailed sanctions in the table below:

BACSanctionDriving license suspensionPenalty PointsImprisonment
Up to 0.3g/lAround 75 euros
0.3 up to 0.5g/lAround 250 euros8
Above 0.5g/l -At least one month
- up to 10 years
11Up to two years


Drivers are almost always tested for alcohol, pedestrians and cyclists only in problematic cases.

2020 and 2021 saw a drastic reduction of the police controls (one million checks less than in 2019), most likely as an effect of the COVID-19 restrictions. 185 checks per 1000 population were recorded in 2021, with 1.2% of drivers found above the legal limit.

Rehabilitation and Alcohol Interlock programmes

No Alcohol Interlock rehabilitation programme in place.

If the authority handling infractions orders the full suspension of the driver’s licence for a period exceeding 6 months, or if the court, due to a criminal act, imposes a full disqualification from driving, the offender is obliged to follow a rehabilitation course, with a cost of around 170 to 345 euros.


In 2020, the National Accident Prevention Committee of the National Police Department (ORFK-OBB) launched a new campaign on road safety. The campaign included an emotional drink-driving video, part of a series launched on social media as well as on the ROADPOL website during the ROADPOL Safety Days campaign week. 

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