Motorbike at night

Insurance company data reveal biggest crash risks for motorcyclists in Spain

  • May 20, 2021

Speeding (29.3%), alcohol consumption (17.4%) and drink or drug use (10.2%) are the risk factors that most influence fatal motorcycle collisions in Spain, according to a new study by Fundación MAPFRE and the Spanish Roads Association.

Not wearing a helmet of the right size, wearing it unbuckled or not wearing a helmet at all are other significant factors according to the report.

The study “Roadmap for the improvement of road safety in motorbikes and mopeds”, launched earlier this month, looked at data from 240 fatal collisions as well as data from collisions that led to 7,000 injuries.  The data source was collision data from the MAPFRE insurance company.

The vast majority of the deaths were males (95%) using the road over the weekend.

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