Austrian cities get more powers to set 30 km/h limits

  • January 18, 2024

The Austrian government has presented an amendment to road traffic regulations intended to make it easier for municipalities and cities to implement 30 km/h speed limits.  The amendments also enable municipalities and cities to carry out traffic controls, but only if the respective federal state explicitly transfers this right to the municipality or city.

Commenting on the development, Lina Moshammer of VCÖ, one of the organisations that has campaigned for the change said:

“Our transport system must take more account of the most vulnerable in traffic, especially in local areas. The municipalities and cities know well where slower speeds are needed in their area. That’s why it’s important that it is made easier for them to implement the 30 km/h speed limit.”  

More than 280 municipalities and cities as well as the Austrian Association of Cities supported the initiative to make it easier to implement the 30 km/h speed limit. 

Mayors from across Austria and from across the political spectrum also spoke out in favour of the move.  

More than 1000 German cities and municipalities have joined together to call for a similar change in Germany.