Drink-Driving in Slovakia


In 2020, Slovakia recorded 30 road deaths caused by driving under the influence of alcohol, while in 2021 the figure increased to 35.

National policies

A national road safety strategy for the period 2021 – 2030 is in force with the following drink-driving measures planned to be introduced/enforced:

  • Effective supervision of compliance with road traffic rules on alcohol and other addictive substances
  • Awareness-raising activities focused on the risks of alcohol and other addictive substances
    in road traffic
  • Collection and evaluation of road safety indicators in line with EU recommendations
  • A sufficient number of technical devices for detecting the consumption of alcohol and other
    addictive substances when monitoring compliance with road traffic rules

BAC limits and sanctions

The legal BAC is 0.0g/l for all drivers

Sanctions are summarized in the table below:

BAC (g/l)Fine Driving banImprisonment
up to 0.5 g/l€ 150 - € 800Up to 3 years
Above 0.5g/l€ 160 up to € 330
thousand (depending on
personal /economical situation)
One to10 years + for life
(depending on the severity of
the offence)
Up to12 years (depending on
the severity of the offence)


Alcohol tests are done only when alcohol is considered to be the main contributory factor of the fatal collision. 

Traffic police checks in 2021 found 9,307 drivers with a positive blood alcohol level. In 2020, 8,900 drivers tested positive.

Rehabilitation and Alcohol Interlock programmes

No Alcohol Interlocks programme in place.


The Don´t Drink and Drive campaign was carried out in 2022 by the Slovak Police and the Slovak Beer and Malt Association. It was focused on the general public and young drivers and was launched in the national press and on social media.


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