Drink-Driving in Lithuania


The number of people killed in alcohol-related collisions went down from 32 in 2010 to 22 in 2018.

The number of alcohol-related road crashes increased by 8% (289 in 2019 to 312 in 2020).

A 19% reduction of road deaths attributed to alcohol in 2020 compared to 2019 was registered.

National policies

In 2020 the Lithuanian Government approved the national traffic safety programme and
measures to reduce drink-driving including:

An Alcohol Interlock program for drivers who have violated the traffic rules while
driving under the influence of alcohol and psychoactive substances;
Raising awareness through social media advertisements about the risks of driving under
the influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances;
Carrying out and promoting driver sobriety campaigns.

BAC limits and sanctions

0.4 standard

0.0 for novice and professional drivers

Detailed sanctions in force are available in the report here.


Alcohol tests are done systematically in practice for all active participants of a road collision, either alive or dead.

In 2021, 10 764 drivers under the influence of alcohol were randomly tested by the police, of
which 6 332 were found with a BAC up to 1.5 and 4 432 with a BAC above 1.5.

Rehabilitation and Alcohol Interlock programmes

Law adopted on Alcohol Interlock programme for drink driving offenders. Since 1 January 2020, convicted drink-drivers who have lost heir driving licence are, after a set period of time, able to apply for their licence to be reinstated with the provision that they only drive a vehicle fitted with an alcohol interlock.

The Ministry of Health intends to create a new rehabilitation programme, which will include offenders
already included in the alcohol interlock programme, allowing a medical follow-up for drink-drivers.


In 2021 “City bee” collaborating with the Lithuanian police department displayed an open gallery “Museum of stupidity” in Vilnius Town Hall Square. There were three damaged cars with different stories. One of them “A little glass of wine” was about drink-driving, created by an unknown artist (1971-2021).

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