Alcohol Interlocks in Sweden

Relevant administration

Swedish Transport Agency

Trial and entry into force

  • Pilot project 1999
  • Entry into force: 2012


Possibility for drink drivers but not compulsory

  • 1 year programme for drivers convicted with a BAC level between 0.2 and 0.9 g/l;
  • 2 year programme for convicted repeat offenders (within a five year period), and offenders with a BAC level of at least 1.0 g/l

Rehabilitation/medical aspects

The programme is not designed to include a rehabilitation aspect but, in many cases, it has shown these kinds of effects for the participants anyway. Especially since there is a demand to undergo medical exams, including leaving blood samples before, during and sometimes after participation in the programme.


  • 1 year : 2,000 – 2,700 euros
  • 2 years : 2,800 – 4,000 euros


  • 87% male
  • Average age: 45-54 years old

Participation rate

  • 30% of offenders entered the programme
  • 83% of participants completed the programme
  • 31 % of participants had an alcohol-related diagnosis

Due to an infringement procedure from the EU the new legislation in force as of March 2018 does not allow offenders with a dependency or an addiction to enter the alcohol interlock program in Sweden, unless they can prove that they fulfil all the medical demands beforehand, e.g. prove sobriety six months prior to entering the programme.


Completed in 201811 About 3,000 people are currently driving with an alcohol interlock