Alcohol Interlocks in Denmark

Relevant administration

Danish Road Safety Traffic Authority

Entry into force

2015 – New programme in 2017

Position in the legal system


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  • Voluntary programme: first time offenders with a BAC above 2 g/l, or second time offender with a BAC above 1.2 g/l In the voluntary programme the offender can participate from day one of the suspension of his driving licence. However, if the driver has caused personal injury or caused serious danger while driving, the driver can not participate in the programme.
  • Mandatory programme: second time offenders with a BAC level higher than 1.2 or first time offenders with a BAC level higher than 2.0. If it is the third offence or more, then the BAC level does not matter. In the mandatory programme the offender can participate when the suspension period is over, which is a minimum of three years

Rehabilitation/medical aspects

Consultation compulsory in the voluntary programme


When implementing the programmes the Danish National Police had expected an annual number of participants of between 500 and 1,000. However, an evaluation showed that there were only 24 participants in the alcohol interlock program. This led to a change of the voluntary programme in 2017: before 2017 an alcohol interlock could replace a licence suspension of maximum two years, now three years of suspension can be replaced with three years with an alcohol interlock. Today approximately 450 drivers are participating in an alcohol interlock programme.