Alcohol Interlocks in Austria

Relevant administration

Driving licence administration authorities (an operative coordinating institution (“ABS Institution”) has been created for the purpose of the trial)

Trial and entry into force

  • Pilot project 2012-2013
  • 2017 – 2022 (5 year trial)

Position in the legal system


How many AI installed today ?

150 – 200 installations per year


Offenders that volunteer based on the following criteria :

  • Only category B and BE
  • A suspension of the driving licence for at least four months
  • The expiration of at least half of the suspension period
  • No alcohol addiction

Rehabilitation/medical aspects

The driver has to meet a mentor every two months

  • Examination of data readout for violations
  • Discussion of the participant‘s experience with the device Discussion of the driving behaviour in reference to the data readout and driver‘s logbook and development of strategies for a successful continuation of the programme
  • Support with administrative procedures in relation to the DUI offence
  • No mandatory medical or psychological examination (medical or psychological measures can be required in the revocation proceedings, in this case they have to be fulfilled before entering the alcohol interlock programme)


  • 2,500 euros/year for the device
  • 600 euros minimum for the mentoring programme
  • 300 euros to install and remove the device


Approximately 80% men

Participation rate

  • No general participation rate can be identified because there are no figures available of how many are eligible.
  • It can be said that once a candidate is in contact with the ABS institution there is a participation rate of nearly 99%


No official evaluation yet (Evaluation planned after the trial period ends in 2022)