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Dutch organisations demand action on road safety from new government

  • April 23, 2021

A broad coalition of almost 40 organisations has called on the next Dutch government to deliver a new road safety strategy in The Netherlands.

Launched on 22 April, the Verkeersveiligheidsmanifest 2.0 or Road Safety Manifesto 2.0 says the ambition for Vision Zero by 2050 is good, but interim targets are needed to help achieve that goal.  The coalition calls for an 11% annual reduction in road casualties.

The coalition also says that targeted action is needed on residential areas, safer vehicles, the elderly and on distractions.

Finally, the organisations are calling for an increase in spending on road safety, at least EUR 12 billion will be needed over the next 30 years, with five billion of that amount for infrastructure safety improvements.  Every euro of that cost will “pay for itself” three or four times over, they say, thanks to the high benefit-cost ratio of road safety investments.

Oproep aan de Tweede Kamer en aan het nieuwe kabinet

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