Lithuania workshop – 3 June 2021

The seventh online EU Road Safety Exchange workshop brought together traffic safety professionals from Lithuania and Sweden. The topic of discussion was Data collection systems, with a focus on the Swedish Traffic Accident Data Acquisition (STRADA).

The workshop was virtually hosted by the Lithuanian Ministry of Transport and Communications with the active participation of representatives from the Transport Competence Agency, the Lithuanian Traffic Police and the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration.

Tomas Fredlund and Hans Johansson from the Swedish Transport Agency provided insight into the set-up and management of the road injury collection system and exchanged ideas in a lively debate with the Lithuanian colleagues.

The workshop will be followed by a best practice seminar in Brussels in 2021.

Huge thanks to the Lithuanian and Swedish transport agencies for joining our EU #RoadSafetyExchange workshop on road injury data collection. @TS_Nyheter @LRsusisiekimas

Special thanks to Julius Ska─Źkauskas, Deputy Minister, Lithuania for your support.

European Transport Safety Council (@ETSC_EU) June 3, 2021