Spain Study Visit on Driver training 2024

A Bulgarian delegation, accompanied by ETSC, participated in a study visit on the topic of driver training in Madrid on 29-30 January 2024. The visit was hosted by the Spanish Directorate General for Traffic (DGT).

Led by the Deputy Minister of Transport, Dimitar Nedyalkov, the Bulgarian delegation included representatives from the State Agency Road Safety (SARS) and the Executive Agency Automotive Administration.

On the first day of the visit, the Bulgarian delegation visited the DGT Móstoles Centre, where theory exams and practical exams on closed circuits are held for the area of Madrid.

Here, they met and discussed with the DGT experts on driver training and trainers from the centre, who explained their work in detail. Participants experienced first hand the driver examination process for PTW and truck drivers.

The hosting partners presented in detail the driver training policy in Spain and the driver examination process. Representatives from DGT also provided an overview of driving schools’ minimum requirements, certification and inspection procedures. The Bulgarian delegates had specific questions on these topics in view of planned modifications to their national framework.

Later, the delegation visited one private driving school covering all driving categories and additional training courses for professional drivers. They were briefed on the process of preparing learner drivers for examinations, with discussions looking at practical and theoretical training aspects, the management of training schools, and content-related topics. The facilities of the driving school were presented to the delegates.

The second day was hosted at the DGT Headquarters in Madrid. It started with a round table discussion, reflecting on the learnings of the first day and delving into the main differences and similarities of the driver training frameworks between the two countries. Participants discussed ways to improve driver education and examination and a good practice from Spain on supplementary driver education post-driving licence was presented, with explanations on the incentives provided for drivers.

To complete the visit, participants received a tour of the Traffic Management Center hosted in the same facilities, getting explanations and demonstrations of the licence plate recognition technology, the traffic management procedures, and the positve implications for road safety of running such an automated system.

Both the Bulgarian delegation and the Spanish hosts expressed eagerness to continue sharing best practices in improving driver training, with an agreement to focus on specific developments in the near future. Participants appreciated the role of the exchange project in pushing forward progress and finding solutions to common issues.

EU Road Safety Exchange is funded by the European Parliament and led by the European Commission. The project is managed by ETSC on behalf of the European Commission.