Romania workshop – 14 July 2021

The ninth online EU Road Safety Exchange workshop reunited safety professionals from Romania and Spain in a productive meeting on the topic of safe infrastructure. The discussions focused on the application of the network safety management procedures and ensuring a safe environment for all the road users.

The workshop was virtually hosted by the Romanian Ministry of Transport, with representatives from the Romanian Road Authority (ARR) and National Company of Administration of Road Infrastructure (CNAIR). The Directorate General for Traffic (DGT) coordinated the meeting on the Spanish side.

From DGT, Pedro Tomás, provided insight into the Spanish approach to building a safe system and ensuring the protection of the most vulnerable road users.  José Manuel Blanco Segarra from Spain’s Ministry of Transport detailed the procedures and application of the road infrastructure safety management, going from impact assessments to audits and road inspections.

The participants in the EURSE project exchanged knowledge and ideas, discussed some of the problems they face in the implementation of the safety procedures and committed to continue the partnership in the future. The workshop will be followed by a study visit in Spain 2021.