Romania has the highest road mortality rate among all EU countries, almost double the EU average. While some progress has been made in the past decade – recording a 20% reduction in road deaths since 2012 – it is still far from sufficient, particularly considering Romania’s significant population size and life-saving potential. Despite the long-standing struggles in addressing road deaths, road safety has not been prioritised at the political level.

However, Romania has recently demonstrated efforts to change these unfavorable trends and has started initiatives to catch up with the EU averages. Having participated in the pilot phase of the EURSE project, Romania is committed to tackling key road safety issues, with a continued focus on infrastructure and enforcement. In the new phase of the EURSE project, Romania aims to make a strong push towards safer roads.

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  • Safe road infrastructure
  • Enforcement

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1634 Road deaths in 2022
86 Road deaths per million population
-20% reduction in road deaths 2012-2022